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Old fashioned man(Down Under) Lyrics

What in the world are you waiting for
Are you waiting for a sign
Grab my hair, take me home
Let me know you're mine
None of this woman's lib for me
I just wanna be controlled
I can't think for myself
I just wnat, honey, to told

*I wanna old fashioned man
Who's not afraid of a woman
Keeps me in my place
Takes me for granted, for granted
I wanna old fashioned man
Who'll treat me just like they used to
Keeps me in my place
Stops me from workin', workin'

Throw away my Cosmopolitan
It can lnly turn my head
Anyway I'm not meant
To have fun in bed
I don't want equal opportunity
It's too difficult for me
I'll just stand by my man
Very quietly



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