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I Am The One Lyrics

The song I Am The One is performed by Out of Eden in the album named This Is Your Life in the year 2002 .

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You lost your glory, you gave it away
Traded your virtue for the lies that bring shame
Feel so alone now, secrets keep you from me
Trying to hide it all, but know that I see you

Because I was there, when those thoughts began
I was there, thoughts gave way to sin
I am here as guilty tears you cry
I'm still here, please understand

I am the One who restores your soul
I am the One who makes you whole again
No matter what you've done, how far you've run
Just turn around 'cause I'm waiting to hold you again

Don't be misled now, don't remain in that space
Secrets they hate the light, so come into my place
It's a painful thing to confess
That you've lost your pureness but no it's not hopeless cause

(180 degrees)
Realize that what you've done has distanced you from me
Determine in your hear you've do whatever to be free
Turn from your past and leave the old ways behind
Walk with me so closely, never doubt that you are mine

If they try to judge you and would turn you away
Know that I have saved you, there's no need to be ashamed
You've turned from your past and left you old ways behind
You're walking with me, so you tell the world that you are mine

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Out of Eden - This Is Your Life