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  2. The Time Has Come

The Time Has Come (2007)

The album The Time Has Come is released by Pentangle in the year 2007 .

  1. Poison (1967 demo)*
  2. Forty-Eight
  3. Koan (alternate take)*
  4. Moondog
  5. I Saw An Angel (single B-side)
  6. Helping Hand
  7. Faro Annie
  8. Reflection (alternate take)*
  9. Yarrow
  10. Tam Lin (from the film Tam Lin)*
  11. The Best Part Of You (from the film Tam Lin)*
  12. Green Willow (from the Lost Sessions)
  13. The Time Has Come
  14. Three Dances: Brentzal Gay/ La Rotta /The Earle Of Salisbury
  15. Sarabande (from the Two Brewers)
  16. Wondrous Love (from Journey into Love)
  17. The Furniture Store (from the film Christian The Lion)
  18. Christian The Lion (from the film Christian The Lion)

The Time Has Come CD Cover Photo