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Celtic Horizons (1996)

The album Celtic Horizons is released by Phil Coulter in the year 1996 .

  1. Planxty Irwin
  2. Tears On The Heather
  3. Ar Eirinn
  4. The Battle Of Kinsale: I. The Great O'Neill
  5. The Battle Of Kinsale: II. Before The Battle
  6. The Battle Of Kinsale: III. The Valley Of Tears
  7. The Road To Glenaan
  8. The Ghost Ships Of Tory
  9. The Year Of The French
  10. A Thiarna
  11. The Wounded Hussar
  12. The House Of The Planter
  13. Towards The Mist
  14. Tune For A Found Harmonium

Celtic Horizons CD Cover Photo