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  2. Live Experience [Live]

Live Experience [Live] (1996)

The album Live Experience [Live] is released by Phil Coulter in the year 1996 .

  1. Steal Away/Play On
  2. Derry Air
  3. Old Man [Vocal Version]
  4. Mancini Magic [Melody: The Pink Panther/The Thorn Birds/Baby Elep]
  5. Thiarna Dean Troicaire
  6. Ballad of Willam Bloat/I'll Tell Me Ma
  7. Cal/Local Hero
  8. Hoedown
  9. Bonny Boy/Mid Term Break
  10. Scorn Not His Simplicity [Vocal Version]
  11. Ballads and Blarney Medley: The Boston Burglar/Muirsheen Durkan/Whisk
  12. Mo Ghile Mear
  13. Mise Eire [A Tribute to Seán O'Riada]
  14. Town I Loved So Well [Vocal Version]