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Tiny Christmas Lyrics

You know Christmas time is a lovely time of the year
You can crack a little soda, get a present, and have yourself a beer
You can make everybody scream
When you dress up like Santa and
Come down the stairs
And open all the presents
Christmas is a crazy crazy crazy crazy time of year
You can enjoy the snow
Or if you live around Seattle you can enjoy the rain
You can pluck yourself a tune on a tiny guitar
Cause Christmas is a time for hanging around inside
Eatin' all the rubarb pie
Makin people happy with a present or two
Cause Christmas is a tiny little time of year
You can warm your nose and your knees and your ears
Inside with a fire that's large
I don't know what rhymes with large
Maybe your mom's name is Marge
That would be nice
Christmas is a fabulous invention
I think they even have a Christmas convention
Down at the Holiday Inn you can go meet Santa
And then sit on his lap and get yourself a present
And you can already tell I'm makin' this up as I go along
Mellowin' out makin' up a tiny Christmas song
Cause we all know Jingle Bells
And Deck the Halls too well
So it's time for a brand new Christmas carol
Christmas is a fabulous time of year
Yes it is, so hold me near, near
I wanna make it happen
Open them presents and there wrapping
Mind me, cause i got what i wanted
But thats no the point now no
Cause the point is to be with the ones that you love
To not be on tour with the band that you love
But to be home nuzzlein' with your
Favorite person in the world who ever that might be
Just go ahead and nuzzle up cause its Christmas time
Merry Christmas everybody
from the Presidents Of The United States Of America

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