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Just Let Me Rot Lyrics

the nightmare started just some weeks ago
now I'm almost dead and nearly decomposed
first there was only this itching under my skin
suddenly this vesicular eruption appeared

nodular exrescences spread over my face
countless harden blood-clots plug the veins
unstoppable the death of tissue proceed
no medicine can allay my pain, death is what I need

glandular abscesses inside of me
let the digestive system refuse to work
my body reforms wild contortions
because the pain increases every hour
the gastric mucus membrane is even destroyed
and it's acid corrodes me inside
my fingers claw into my putresent flesh
and leave behind suppurated sores

just let me rot

if I only could, I'd make my sorrow an end
but I'm already to weak to move
so I'm just lying in my own secretions
and wait still my body has liquefied
I'm not able to stand up and get me some food
there for I have to eat my defecation
hopefully I'll be delivered soon
I don't want compa*sion, just let me rot!!!

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