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Klyster Boogie Lyrics

Uno, dos
Uno, dos, tres

Klyster boogie
Klyster boogie

I am addicted to my severe rubber-queen
She's my nurse if you know what I mean
You would never believe what she really, really means to me
Her climax-clinic is just where I wanna be

Yeah, a klyster with champagne
Yeah, that's my favourite game
Yeah, caviar-dinner is it's name
Yeah, her stool is what I claim

Klyster boogie
Klyster boogie

Anal-flavour is my therapy
The sound of her farts is like sweet melody
Waiting for her faecal matter
warm and fresh, it tastes much better

Yeah, my tongue-penetration
Yeah, heals every constipation
Yeah, that's just my cup of tea
Yeah, Her faeces cover me

Klyster boogie
Klyster boogie

Some might say I'm perverted, mean and sick
But I don't care - f**k you all and s*ck my d**k
Never would tell you what you are allowed to do
So respect me like I'm respecting you

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