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Shrunken And Mummified Bitch Lyrics

Bitch you will get f**ked and paid for that
A job and nothing more but take care you f**king whore

Shrunken - You would be very nice
Mummified - Then I would pay your price

Bitches is what he hates, sluts is what he rapes
Ripper is his name, killing is his sick game

Shrunken - You will get
Mummified - You won't be upset

Fear is what he spreads, lunatic - He's collecting heads
Psycho - He's chopping sluts, maniac - The tits he cuts

The hands around your neck he strangles you down
Pulls out your eyes and cuts your tongue
He rips your chest and drills inside your cunt
He slices your fingers and minces your feet

Shrunken - Now you are - And groom
Mummified - You're not very far

Butcher - He loves to shrink you
Slasher - And mummify you too
Bastard - Doing an inhuman action
Madman - Gives him pleasure and satisfaction

Shrunken - And not very big
Mummified - That's f**king sick

Flesh he loves to carve, hunger doesn't want to starve
Collecting your hair and nails, bitch your skin he sales

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