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Got It On Lock Lyrics

I'm so ghetto, theres no lights in my house
I don't need to pay the bill, they light up in my mouth
I got teeth, that will make ya demand a reason to watch
Got a facial expression that says you can't be serious
You don't ask questions, you can't be curious
Curiosity killed the cat, click clack blat
For all those who think I'm playin' a game
I got a slug that can't wait, to get aquainted wit ya brain
The heaters pleased to meet you, I know what you thinkin'
'cause the spot where you think and see, is seised
My teeth is see through, when I look in the mirror
I can see my reflection, but it's me times two
My chain is blingin', my drop like a stop light
Red when I stop, when I go it change to kiwi
Ay, ya see me wit a girl in a string bikini
The dang the dingi, the drank is killin' me
And the lane is swingy, screen shot change the tv
Niggaz thank I'm schemin, I'll brang the thingy
Aim and sueeze the trigger, and frame it freely
Ay, you niggaz can't see me

[Lew Hawk]
Look, niggaz better watch they self, every chance they can
'cause I'll snap on a nigga, like the camera man
In the club, when ya holdin' up the camera man
I understand, everythang in life don't go like planned
But I can make a difference, if I stop that plan
I'm fien to throw dubs, on that cream sedan
Betta get naked back, that's more gangsta man
And the hood made me trill, on the time wit the ville
And my heart like steal, 'cause pack on this steal
And I still put in work, 'cause these streets is in me
And when my stomach filthy, Imma make the clip empty
Ya betta empty out ya bag, if ya wanna keep ya life
Make 'em burn to my ashes, 'cause I won't think twice
Think twice, before you ever try to test my muscle
At the age of fourteen, I was bound to hustle
And make moves like a person, way ahead of they time
I'm way ahead of my time, but now I adjust wit time
It's time, to take the south to a whole new era
We got it all covered, like a facial mascera
Ye, lew hawk triple c

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