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I'm So Gutter Lyrics

[Hook- Rasaq]
I ain't never gon change, I'm so gutter
My jeans always gonna hang, I'm so gutter
See me rollin' on them swangs, I'm so gutter
See me grippin' on that grain, I'm so gutter
I lay back on that butter, I'm so gutter
I stay back in the gutter, I'm so gutter
See me flashin' them roc's, I'm so gutter
Nigga, It's Rasaq on the block

[Verse One- Rasaq]
Ay, I was birthed, from the mud and the dirt
Rose from under the earth, and whiped and dust from my shirt
And occupied the place, in the most ruggedest turf
When niggaz don't got jobs, but they know how to pitch that work
And bein' a hard head, will get you hurt
Niggaz is wet up, and can't wait to let that pistol jerk
Nigga Imma seed, in a garden full of weeds
Murderous thugs n thiefs, make it hard to breathe
And though I blossom by the street, the hood as a higher mount of heat
And it's shortly startin' to wither my leaves
A little boi big in my jeans, livin' my dreams
One day this rap music, gon make me live like a king
But for now I live by them fiends, spit rhymes n sing
Till I'm able to best average ditched in my seems, nigga

[Hook] (Rasaq talking over hook)
I'm so gutter, lalala
I'm so gutter, lalala
I'm so gutter, lalala
I'm so gutter, lalala
I'm so gutter, I ain't never gon change
I'm so gutter, lalala
I'm so gutter, lalala
I'm so gutter, dadadadadadada

[Verse Two- Rasaq]
They got me figured out, no pa*sion no pain
All that flasin' n braggin, make this rappin' so lame
Perhaps his raps, have a lack of no aim
Perhaps when he raps, and he brags on his chain
That infact when he raps, that he acts wit no brain
But infact, it's a fact the cash is his aim
Fans blame the rap game, and attack at his name
But no action get's no game, no rappin' get no change
Would they, rather I slang, while packin' them thangs
Pa*sin' the cocane, lettin' it pa*s in they veins
I'm not askin' in vane, or goin' back against the grain
I'm jus askin', why you gotta hastle me mayne

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