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C'mon Lyrics

... kick it with the hobo sound
We... lofi right down to the ground
And... good to see you do what you do
Yeah... i see you swinging like a danny larue
Huh... everybody bringing it around
We... match with you pound for pound
Ooh... make room cause we're comin to stay
Everybody getting funky like a shawn mccay
Boo... never short on the ba*s
Ah... hit you like a slap in the face
Yeah... yeah you know we aim to please
Like a burger with cheese will give you heart disease
Ugh... i can tell you're rockin it raw Now... knockin it on the dance floor
Woo... dont forget to come up for air
All you blue face boogies junkies gimme the scare
Check... someone tell me if we're comin through clear
No... lean to let me chew in your ear
Now... play mind if you got it to spare
Exits... here and there and all over the where
All... dressed up but with no where to go
Yo... shut the f**k up and get on with the show
Huh... come again when you give me the what
Replay put your ten cent coin in the slot
Bounce... more bounce than the pet flea
Blubbub... ad like mr kinski
Species disco only one of a kind
Faeces tres chaud yeah we're doin it fine
Bla... quixotic ilke the word of the carvantes
Scratch... tell me you can hear the drums hernandez...
Bo... he cuts the wax like a fugu fish
That means he takes all care
Like a model at a bris

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