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Couldn't Do It Lyrics

If I could calculate a score of unbelievable acts
Stand on my head and juggle three alley cats
Take out King Kong and still feel strong
Unleash voodoo with the use of a chicken
Bat feet, frogs tongue and I'd not take a lickin'
Walk in the rain, plugged into the toaster
I'd get a charge, but I'd still feel the mosta
Take out the Mummy, the Werewolf and Frogman
Save dying Princess' from the Toxic Avenger's Plan Head on with
I'd not flinch a muscle
Have out Captain Kirk without the slightest of hustle
I could drown a fish, or push a bird off a cliff
Say Yo to Gogo and not toke on a fat spliff
Grow an extra arm growin' outta my forehead
Come back from the grave take a walk with the undead
I couldn't do it...
I nurture a flower, let it grow into a Triffid Spit lethal poison, leave
your body feeling rigid I've talked to Satan, I've talked to
God Without standing in the flesh with my hand on my big rod
I couldn't do it...
(repeat first verse)
I couldn't do it...

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