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G7 Dick Electro Boogie Lyrics

If I were in the Third World. My a*s'd be numb from the f**king.
Could I get a word in? Before you slide the f**king turd in. Taken
all the G7 d**k I can handle. Time to go down and bite off the roman
candle. Thanks for the aid now I pay you back triple. Business as
usual, gang-rape a cripple. You got the gat in the small of my back.
So I hope you wanna tell me where your conscience is at.
Thanks for the aid, you traders enslave
(repeated a few times)
Jesus God f**k it. Got to make a profit. Pop it in the coffin marked
structural adjustment. Check out the scenery, high yielding
greenery. Can't feed the kids but would you like a cup of coffee?
Chemical intravene fat plantation. Where'd you get the shit? Oh but
buy it from Satan. Just around the corner, service with a smile. His
first name's car, his last name's gill.
Thanks for the aid, you traders enslave
(repeated a few times)
Another sick pauper ha I don't want to bore you. You got me by the
balls so of course I abhor you. Well I just work here but I can
sympathise. f**k with world bank they cut you down to size. IMF are
Insane Mother f**kers. Pushers come to shove us with the shit from
above us. Bad karma, no drama. But just try f**k with the Indian
The traders enslave, dig them a grave
(repeated a few times)

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