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Head 1 Psycho Lyrics

this heres my life the only one i got
wanna spend my time usin up my spot
i learned to rap off the back of a cornflake pack
and i was reared drinking beers with my grandads knack
when i was in school i'd find myself trouble
and at home i would bring myself double
but now i'm a player of cards mower of yards
knockin on my skull here and you can tell it's goddamn hard
oh my god i'll tell you where i'm at
coz i lost my mind and i aint comin back
and it's apt to react cut the track and it's active
fast thinking manic with air sealing tactics
with coppers in day glo from freesty ling do jos
there's no one you don't know so put on your halo
and holding on tight to the shit that you got
is gonna pull you under knock your right off your block
well i'm outta my head just like you said and now i'm proving it
your just a head case it ain't a race it's f**king music
we turn it on up it turns me on inside and outside
you know what i got the feeling that there ain't no doubt
i'm insane i'm on a trip to my brain
and i ain't coming down like the frogs when it rains
and it's time to move on see you can't get to me
you motherf**king d**ks can flip on trips
while i walk free... see

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