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The Drop Lyrics

Drop it now x3
Can you drop it now and watch the crowds go wow

Step up to the mike and rock it real tight
Don't waste full cream but never skim mike
Mr Der, slave to the lick
Once you get to know I'm a real f**kin prick
Keep it to the lest
Heartless chest
Stand real tall in my bullet proof vest
Bum it from the pole
Give it to the mish
Mama's in the side with the microphone bitch

I said, I ain't well hung but I'm good with my tongue
I sling slang and get it far flung
If you ain't here for the fling then why'd the hell you come
Show your f**kin face and you can listen to the drum
Bam bam bam make it blam blam blam
To the alpha male cause he's the main man
Why've I got the mike when I don't know what to do
Maybe I can pa*s it on to you and you can kill me

Thank you all for coming to get absolutely f**ked
Apologies to anyone who's sober in the club
I ain't high and it sounds pretty bad
Hope it sounds better on the drugs you had
Rockin it is kinda like a wharf-on-exhaust (?)
Things will happen quicker if you circumvent the lowest
Put your hands in the air, step away from the mike
First I'll take your vibe then your life motherf**kers

Everybody rock and everybody roll
I ain't gonna stop
I'm very very old
You may think that s*cks
It could be justified
Wish I gave a f**k
But I cannot tell a lie

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