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Ronan Keating

Ronan Keating was born on 03 Mar 1977 in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland. His birth name was Ronan Patrick John Keating. His is also called Ronan Keating. His height is 175cm.

Over the years he has won Smash Hits best solo male. He was given a tree in London's Hyde Park for performing for the Prince's Trust. He also has a World Music Award for the best selling Irish artist.In 2003 Keating was named Rear of the Year. In the same year he also was awarded the prestigious "BMI European song-writing award" in 2003, for his beautiful song The Long Goodbye

Ronan Keating released the following albums including Destination (1992), When You Say Nothing at All Pt.1 (1999), Ronan (2001), Maximum Ronan & Boyzone (2001), I Love It When We Do (2002), Turn It on (2003), 10 Years of Hits (2004), Bring You Home (2006), Songs For My Mother (2009) and Winter Songs (2009).

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Jun 1992
  1. I Love It When We Do
  2. Love Won't Work (If We Don't Try)
  3. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  4. Come Be My Baby
  5. Lovin' Each Day
  6. My One Thing That's Real
  7. Time For Love
  8. Blown Away
  9. As Much As I Can Give You Girl
  10. Pickin' Me Up
  11. Joy And Pain
  12. We've Got Tonight
  13. The Long Goodbye
  14. I Got My Heart On You
  1. When You Say Nothing At All
  2. When You Say Nothing At All (Acoustic Version)
  3. This Is Your Song
  4. When You Say Nothing At All (Video CD Rom)
  1. A Steely Sense Of Humor
  2. Going His Own Way
  3. A Taste For The Limelight
  4. Taking An Upward Turn
  5. The Flowering Of A Rare And Genuine Talent
  6. A Sensitive Soul
  7. An Upward Curve
  8. Coming Of Age
  9. Love, Tragedy And Rumors
  10. A Career Outside The Group
  11. World Domination
Turn It on
Nov 2003
  1. Turn It On Again
  2. Lost For Words
  3. She Gets Me Inside
  4. First Time
  5. Last Thing On My Mind
  6. Let Her Down Easy
  7. Back In The Day
  8. She Believes (In Me)
  9. Hold You Now
  10. This Is Your Song
  11. I Wouldnt Change A Thing (UK Bonus Tracks)
  12. Give You What You Want (UK Bonus Tracks)
  1. When You Say Nothing at All
  2. Life Is a Roller Coaster
  3. Way You Make Me Feel - Bryan Adams, Ronan Keating
  4. Lovin' Each Day
  5. If Tomorrow Never Comes
  6. I Love It When We Do
  7. We've Got Tonight - Ronan Keating, Lulu
  8. Long Goodbye
  9. Lost for Words
  10. She Believes (In Me)
  11. Last Thing on My Mind - Ronan Keating, LeAnn Rimes
  12. Father and Son - Ronan Keating,
  13. Words
  14. To Be Loved
  15. I Hope You Dance
  16. Somebody Else
  17. This Is Your Song
  1. Time After Time
  2. Make You Feel My Love
  3. Both Sides Now
  4. Vincent
  5. Carrickfergus
  6. I believe I Can Fly
  7. Mama's Arms
  8. The Wild Mountain Thyme
  9. Suspicious Minds
  10. This Is Your Song
Winter Songs
Nov 2009
  1. Winter Song
  2. Stay
  3. Scars
  4. Homeward Bound
  5. River
  6. It's Only Christmas
  7. Little Drummer Boy
  8. Ring Them Bells
  9. Caledonia
  10. Silent Night
  11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  12. I Won't Last A Day Without You