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Stay with You Lyrics

The song Stay with You is performed by RyanDan in the album named RyanDan in the year 2020 .

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July we sat on the rooftop
Watching the city lights
School days and heartbreaks racing to each finish line
The first time I kissed her
Surprised that she kissed me back

They put on their bravest faces and waved as I went
I left so unsure, not knowing where I would go next
The looks on their faces I kept, to remind me of home

I think of my life
As moments in time
The ones you don't catch
Unless you look back
Are the moments that you keep your whole life through
That stay with you
That stay with you

She said, I love you but I just can't stay
I remember her hand and its weight
On my arm as she said its okay
She was right all along


It's not about the money
It's not about regret
And it's not about the things that you wanted
That you never seem to get


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RyanDan - RyanDan

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