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Waiting Lyrics

The song Waiting is performed by Santana in the album named Lotus in the year 1991 .

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Waiting... for my baby
Waiting... for my baby
I'm on the pier, I'm waiting for my baby
I'd like to see her and I don't mean maybe
She goes by the name, the name Marcella
Y mira, mira como mueve la cadera
Cadera pa mi es como caramelo
Ay caramelo, caramelo, caramelo
Waiting... estoy esperando pr Marcella... for my baby
Marcella mi vida
Waiting... for my baby
After all this time I'm finally with Marcella
I want to marry, but I don't know how to tell her
Marcella and I, we go to the cabana
We bibbi di bop and bibbi di bop and boppin to Santana
Santana pa mi, Santana pa mi
Pero que rico, que rico Santana
Waiting... Ay Marcella mi vida... for my baby
Estoy esperando pr Marcella
Waiting... for my baby
Pero que rico Santana
En Espanol
Yo estoy esperando a mi novia como un mango
En Espanol
Ahora viene mi Marcella huarachando
En Espanol
Me estuvo esperando el todo dia
En Espanol
En el sol ay mama mia
Doe-you... goe yoe yoe yoe
Goe-yoe... goe yoe yoe yoe
Waiting... for my baby

(Gracias a Raúl por esta letra)

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