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(Don't Gimme That) Once Over Lyrics

How can you tell me it wasn't for real
Step into my shoes and see how it really feels
I know, I know why you do it
Still I can't stand you putting me though it

Don't gimme that
Once over
Don't gimme that
Once over
That's just on step over the line

Once upon a time I let you near
There was no reason that I had to fear
I know, I know it's easy for you to leave
But this it's better for me to give than receive


You made the place and time
How did you fake that crime


Once in awhile I'll think of you
Maybe somethin' old or somethin' brand new
I know, I know I know where you'll be
Somewhere in the night lookin' for me

You can seek but you'll never find
'Cause you can't go back in time

CHORUS(repeat and fade)

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