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On/Off Lyrics

The song On/Off is performed by Snow Patrol in the album named Up to Now .

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I couldn't believe what I was seeing
Faces all screwed up like what I'd done
I didn't mean to hurt you so much
I knew it would hurt you, but not like this

We all make a mess from time to time dear
But it'll take me a lifetime to get this cleared
Somebody muttered something under their breath
But I let on like I was a little deaf

Nobody's perfect, that's what I say
No one has hurt me so much, you say
I'm sorry

Running away seemed like the easy thing to do
Because I wanted time
To put a smile back on my dear face
For once nothing's missing and I feel fine

I was afraid to tell you some things
But some things, all find a way to get told
Hearing it from the lips of somebody else
Must have knocked the wind out of your sweet chest

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