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  2. Solomon Burke

Solomon Burke

  1. Just Out Of Reach ( Of My Two Open Arms)
  2. Cry To Me
  3. Down In The Valley
  4. I'm Hanging Up My Heart For You
  5. If You Need Me
  6. Can't Nobody Love You
  7. You're Good For Me
  8. Goodbye Baby ( Baby Goodbye)
  9. Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
  10. The Price
  11. Got To Get You Off My Mind
  12. Tonight's The Night
  13. Someone Is Watching
  14. Take Me ( Just As I Am)
  15. I Wish I Knew ( How It Would Feel To Be Free)
  16. Soul Meeting- The Soul Clan - Burke,Conley,Covay,King,Tex
  1. Proud Mary
  2. These Arms Of Mine
  3. I'll Be Doggone
  4. How Big A Fool (Can A Fool Be)
  5. Don't Wait Too Long
  6. That Lucky Go Lucky Old Sun
  7. Uptight Good Woman
  8. I Can't Stop
  9. Please Send Me Someone To Love
  10. What Am I Living For
  11. She Thinks I Still Care (Previously Unreleased)
  12. I'm Gonna Stay Right Here
  13. The Generation Of Revelations
  14. In The Ghetto
  15. God Knows I Love You
  16. The Mighty Quinn (Previously Unreleased)
  17. Change Is Gonna Come (Previously Unreleased)
  1. Don't Give Up On Me (Dan Penn)
  2. Fast Train (Van Morrison)
  3. Diamond In Your Mind (Tom Waits)
  4. Flesh And Blood (Joe Henry)
  5. Soul Searchin' (Brian Wilson / Paley)
  6. Only A Dream (Van Morrison)
  7. The Judgment (Elvis Costello / Cait O'Riordan)
  8. Stepchild (Bob Dylan)
  9. The Other Side Of The Coin (Nick Lowe)
  10. None Of Us Are Free (Mann & Weil / Russell)
  11. Sit This One Out (Pick Purnell)
  1. Introduction: Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
  2. Medley: If You Need Me/Tonight's the Night/You're Good for Me/I Almost Lost My Mind/What Am I Living For/Just Out of Reach
  3. Medley: Monologue/Take Me (Just As I Am)/I Can't Stop Loving You/Monologue/I Can't Stop Loving You (reprise)
  4. Medley: Tonight's the Night (reprise)/Beautiful Brown Eyes/Just a Matter of Time/Monologue/Hold What You've Got/He'll Have to Go/Cry to Me
  5. Introduction to Encore
  6. Medley: Gotta Get You Off My Mind (instrumental)
  7. Medley: Meet Me in Church/The Price/Words/Monologue
  8. You're Good for Me (reprise)/Send Me Some Lovin'/Gotta Get You Off My Mind
  9. Medley: Having a Party/Amen
  1. I Need Your Love In My Life
  2. What Good Am I?
  3. It Makes No Difference
  4. Let Somebody Love Me
  5. After All These Years
  6. Fading Footsteps
  7. At The Crossroads
  8. I Got The Blues
  9. Make Do With What You Got
  10. Wealth Won't Save Your Soul
  1. Introduction - Everybody Needs Somebody To Love
  2. Medley - If You Need Me/Tonight's The Night/I Almost Lost My Mind
  3. Cruel World
  4. Candy/Candy Rap
  5. Got To Get You Off Of My Mind
  6. No Nights By Myself
  7. Ain't Nobody's Business
  8. I Want A Little Girl
  9. Good Rockin' Tonight
  1. Go On Back To Him
  2. Home In Your Heart
  3. He'll Have To Go
  4. Looking For My Baby
  5. Yes I Do
  6. Baby Come On Home
  7. Keep Looking
  8. Keep A Light In The Window Till I Come Home
  9. Detroit City
  10. Party People
  11. Soul Meeting - The Soul Clan
  12. Get Out Of My Life Woman)
  13. Midnight And You
  14. You And Your Baby Blues
Sep 2006
  1. That's How I Got To Memphis
  2. Seems Like You're Gonna Take Me Back
  3. Tomorrow Is Forever
  4. Ain't Got You
  5. Valley Of Tears
  6. Honey Where's The Money Gone
  7. Atta Way To Go
  8. Millionaire
  9. Up The Mountain
  10. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
  11. Vicious Circle
  12. We're Gonna Hold On
  13. You're The Kind Of Trouble
  14. 'Til I Get It Right
Proud Mary
Nov 2006
  1. That Lucky Old Sun
Like a Fire
Jun 2008
  1. Like A Fire
  2. We Don't Need It
  3. The Fall
  4. A Minute To Rest And A Second To Pray
  5. Ain't That Something
  6. What Makes Me Think I Was Right
  7. Understanding
  8. You And Me
  9. Thank You
  10. If I Give My Heart To You