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  2. Supernatural


  1. A Piece Of Hip Hop History Pt1 (Bobbito & Stretch Freestyle)
  2. A Piece Of Hip Hop History Pt2 (Bobbito & Stretch Freestyle)
  3. Clash Of The Titans (Supernatural VsCraig G Freestyle)
  4. Cosmic Slop
  5. Flashbacks
  6. Get Ready To Rumble (Supernatural VsJuice Freestyle)
  7. Internationally Known
  8. Suckaz (featVinnie Paz Of Jedi Mind Tricks)
  9. Supernatural & A-Butta (NYU Freestyle)
  10. The Live Show (Supernatural Opens For Wu-Tang Clan Freestyle)
  11. Victory (The Oh No Remix) (Bonus Track)
  12. Victory [featWildchild Of Lootpack]
  13. Wake Up LA! (Sway & Tech Wake Up Show Freestyle)
  14. Work It Out [featCharli 2na, Akil & Mark 7 of J5 and Iriscience of Dilated Peoples]