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She's Over Me Lyrics

I, I saw her today
We just met by chance and we smiled a lot
Not knowing what to say
'Cause you see, she's over me

And I, I looked in her eyes
And I saw enough to make me realize
It's dead and gone, I don't have a prayer
Of getting her back where she used to be
She's over me

We stood a minute or two
And we talk like strangers do, saying nothing at all
No one who saw us would know
That once she loved me so

But I?d never dreamed that she'd ever
Would ever be the one to go, no
She got herself free and now she's over me

She's over me

I, I kissed her goodbye
And that kiss killed every hope that I held inside
It tore me all that we had before
Was nothing more than ancient history
I can truly, truly, truly see she had took her some time
But she's finally over me

But I don't know what went wrong
All I know is I spend my life now
Thinking of how good we were
Guess that she?s over me, but I'll never been over her

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