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Toasted Skin Lyrics

So the season's changed your face
toasted skin turned darker shades
so as to better disguise your figure from the streetlights

First floor window, opened up
As you tip-toe out the back porch to meet the new Girl on the corner, make your big plans for the summer.

No one's gonna stay inside
We're singing
We are finally here and we're not going no where Without our friends and we cant stop singing
everybodys making sure we stay up till sunset
But we cant forget

If we ever find our way back
this is all we've got

S-so you borrowed your best friend jeep
Cracked her windshield and lost her keys
Crashed the rich kids parties got kicked off of private beaches
We introduced our friends to yours and we would Laugh while we were ignored
And from coast to coast we'll soon disperse
But lets live tonight like it's our first

We got fast food,tattoos, late walks, longer walks
Check em, hold em, lose em, fold em fireworks and alcohol


If we ever find out way back,this is all we've got.

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