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Do You Understand? Lyrics

Looking in the looking gla*s
is that a person there?
his face is drawn his eyes are downcast
in the distant past
is there a lesson there?
the lesson is it ain't gonna last

If I had my day
I'd burn down the factories
that sicken me and make the weather gray
if I had my way
I'd tear down the memories
I'm chicken and I wanna run away

Hey there do you understand
why I hold a dagger in my hand?
hey there do you understand
why I hold a trigger in my hand?

Upon distant sands
the waves fall heavily
feels heavy like my head in my hands
what I don't understand
you keep calling back on me
you kick me out yet you keep me in demand

The other day you looked the other way
hey, hey I need to get away
the other day you looked the other way
hey hey you tried to get away

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