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Cheetah Love Lyrics

( movie version ) this girl is a friend for life i'm gonna be there when you need me that time, this girl is never gonna change no matter what happens i will still be the same.

and this girl wants to have some fun so put your hands up cuz we've only begun and there's no stoppin us because we got that cheetah love..

we are cheetah cheetah girls we stick together for life, sometimes we dont see eye to eye but we will side by side, yeah there's nothin' in the world that we can't overcome strikin' numbers got each other got that cheetah love..

ch ch ch cheetah cheetah(x2)

i know there's a place to turn when i really need you, you put me first, my girls always got my back no matter what happens i can count on that.

and we don't wanna escape it all my sister's are always gonna be the first call, and there's no stoppin us becuz we got that cheetah love

(repeat chorus)
love love love love..

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