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Daffodil Lament Lyrics

The song Daffodil Lament is performed by The Cranberries in the album named Collection in the year 2007 .

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Holding on thats what I do since I met you and it wont be long,
would you notice if I left you
And its fine for some cause youre not the one
All night long I laid on my pillow. These things are wrong.
I cant sleep here. So lonely, so lonely
I have decided to leave you forever.
I have decided to start things from here
Thunder and lightning wont change what
Im feeling and the daffodils look lovely today
Oh in your eyes I can see the disguise. Oh in your eyes I can see the dismay
Has anyone seen lightning. Has anyone looked lovely
And the daffodils looked lovely today, looked lovely

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Oct 2007
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