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Ultimate Collection (2004)

The album Ultimate Collection is released by The Dells in the year 2004 .

  1. Stay In My Corner
  2. There Is
  3. O-O, I Love You
  4. Always Together
  5. Oh, What A Night
  6. I Can Sing A Rainbow / Love Is Blue
  7. Oh, What A Day
  8. Open Up My Heart
  9. The Love We Had (Stays On My Mind)
  10. Give Your Baby A Standing Ovation
  11. My Pretending Days Are Over
  12. I Miss You
  13. Learning To Love You Was Easy
  14. We Got To Get Our Thing Together
  15. Our Love
  16. Super Woman
  17. I Touched A Dream
  18. A Heart Is A House For Love

Ultimate Collection CD Cover Photo