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Louise Lyrics

The song Louise is performed by The Human League in the album named The Very Best of the Human League in the year 2005 .

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Now should we part
Or stay awhile?
As if we were still lovers"

She took a moment just to recognise
The man sheÕd known so well before
And as he started to apologise
Lose any bitterness she bore
She gently put her finger on his lips
To let him know she understood
And with her suit case standing on the floor
Embraced him like a lover would

He told Louise
"You look so good
ItÕs just you see
You make me feel

As if we were still lovers"

It's not always true that time heals all wounds.
There are wounds that you don't wanna heal,
the memories of something really good,
something truly real, that you never found again.

And though they talked for just a little time
Before she said she had to go
He saw the meeting as a tiny sign
That told him all he had to know

And so Louise
Waved from the bus
And as she left
She gave that smile
As if they were still lovers

Lyrics by Philip Oakey

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