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Arbor Day Lyrics

Looking out your window
Dreaming of somewhere far away
Your life is going nowhere
And it's just another boring day
Vicious cycles drive you insane
You go up and down like a yo-yo
Another day is pa*sing you by
You're all dressed up with nowhere to go

You're looking for a reason
Some way to start again
Look no further, look no further
Here it comes

It's Arbor Day (come out and play)
Plant a tree today (new life to stay)
It's Arbor Day (today's the day)
So don't delay (there's another way)

Too many weeds in your garden
Grabbing hold and pulling you down
It's time to clear your section
Take your spade and make a hole in the ground
Plant these seeds inside you
Turn the sprinkler on inside your brain
Metamorphasize you
They'll bring back life again

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