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Don't Look Away Lyrics

I hear your heart is hurt again
Another love comes crashing down
You really yearn for just a friend
Where is your light when dark surrounds

I've longed for you to lift your eyes
And through the tears that tumbled down
To see the one who's heard your cries
And know His warmth that soon surrounds

I know He's real, what could explain this love I feel
He understands, just reach out He'll take your hand

Don't look away
Don't look away
Come back today
Don't look away

Sometimes it's hard to leave it all
And take the hand of a new friend
We try so hard but still we fall
His faithfulness will never end

I know His love will give you
The pa*sion that you need
When on the cross He said
'It's for your pain I bleed'
When life gets tough I know
He'll hold you 'til the end
The love He gives will be
As your closest friend
Don't look away

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