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Hey Flower Lyrics

Hey flower, dancing in the breeze
You have a power, brings me to my knees
Like a face that's beaming in a crowd of frowns
You're a verb that's screaming in a bunch of nouns
Like a razor blade, like a garden spade
You dug down deep inside me, cut straight to my heart
Like a long-term loan, like your own cell phone
I wanna be beside you; cause you're the one I love

You have a beauty, that warms the coldest day
And you're such a cutie, you could melt the snow away
If you worked late nights, on check-out number nine
Do you know that I'd fight, just to get into your line
Like a treasure chest, like the great wild west
A spirit of adventure, a heart that's made of gold
When you're old and grey, and your teeth decay
I wanna be beside you; cause you're the one I love

You're the one that I love
You're the one, not a two or a three
Baby you are for me
You're the one that I love

Sometimes so gentle, when you touch my face
Sometimes so mental, I think that you're from outer-space
But I'm like a Klingon, stuck to your wind screen
I have been pulled in, by your tractor beam
You're an answered prayer, someone that's there
Who really wants to know me, really wants to care
And when you're in need, like a friend indeed
I wanna be beside you, 'cause you're the one I love

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