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Into The Light Lyrics

Her little heart was broken
With the bottle on the floor
Standing in the doorway
Of a father's drunken war
Just another casualty
And the tears began to flow
No-one else to turn to
And nowhere left to go

So she ran to hide
She ran deep inside herself
Built a wall around her
That no one could get by

The loneliness consumed her
She could not let them near
The thought of trusting anyone
Filled her head with fear
Behind the bars that held her
She made a silent prayer
Is anybody out there
Does anybody care?

You can come into the light
And leave the darkness in the night
With each step He'll break the chains
And set you free and heal the pain
You will learn to trust the hand
That leads you to the promised land
There are some who watch you grow
Who really care, who want to know

It's painful to remember
Things you've tried to leave behind
To believe it could be different
When the past was so unkind
And it's hard to learn to trust
When hurt is all you've ever known
But believe me when I say that
You don't have to walk alone

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