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The Temptations Lyrics

Standing in line at Burger King
My hunger's growing and my stomach's rumbling
The queue's as long as you can see
This big guy pushes in
Then turns and laughs at me
My temperature rises as I clench my fist
I can feel my knickers as they're starting to twist
My brain is scheming revenge somehow
Should I smash his head in now

I'm not gonna throw it all away to please today
Cos I've seen your schemes before
But I choose to walk along the pathway that I know
Will lead me to my goal

It's getting late the party's through
We've had a good time now
It's time to say too-roo
My best friend's left to catch some zzz's
His girlfriend stayed and now she's
Making eyes at me
I suddenly realise that we're all alone
My mind is saying that I should go home
She slides in closer on the big settee
Is this really where I want to be

(It's just pa*sing like the wind)
You say to me, I live for the moment
You say take all you can today
I don't want to live just for the moment
There is a better way
And every day we see this generation
Throw their lives away
It's like we bow down to temptation
And let it have its way
Where are our dreams and where is God
Can anybody see
I'm not ashamed to say
I chase the plans He has for me

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