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Town Lyrics

I used to be so scared of going to Manners Mall
Of walking past those staring eyes that made me feel so small
Creeping up and down trying to find a fault to see
So they could lock me up inside and throw away the key

I've tried being someone else just so I could belong
I've lived my life in fear of putting one foot wrong
Although your words may hurt me it's time for me to go
I'm trying to be myself now
And I think that you should know that…

I can go into town by myself if I want to
Look around at the world with my own eyes
I don't have to be afraid
Why do we try to be the same competing with each other
All dressed up in brown cords and pyjamas
Pretending to be cool

I watched the world go by through the window of my mind
But how I saw myself made friends hard to find
I wasn't sure you liked me although I think you tried
I wanted you to like me, to fill the hole inside

Accepting who I am did not come from being the best
Or earning popularity by pa*sing all your tests
The thing that helped me most
Was when the realisation came
That there is a God who love's me
Who knows me by my name

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