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Dear Liar Love Me Lyrics

Lying away and it happens all the time
You don't even understand that honesty is fine
And if I live forever and ever and amen
You may not be aware that I will not pretend, here I go

You're a lovely boy on it and all the charm to spare
And if you're never real to me then I will never care
You think I'd love and hate and procreate with you, I'd rather die
You may not be aware that I just gonna sit here and try to forget

You're awful, the fabricating son but you're not the only person here
You're not the only one, I'm telling you

You may not be aware that now I'm gonna see you
And know that I'm not the only one
And now I've gotta leave you and go, yeah
I've got to leave you, I know that I've gotta leave you

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