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Poland Whole/Madam I'm Adam Lyrics

(Steen) (SpoonerTubes)

Coming out of
Lead guitar and drums
Rest of the band comes
Said come on baby
Oh God, oh shit
Black and white, yeah
Polish sausages
in a bun, in the sun
It's hit-and-run

Hey man, like, like check this out man, really, I mean listen
I was countin' the holes in the acoustic tile ceiling, you know
Mumbling and fumbling with them little buttons on my mattress
you know, that hold it together
So anyways, my mind strays and the tricks that my memory plays
Like fascination and abomination on a biblical Broadway stage
Like dancers and singers and a fully landscaped gospel group
and the harmony and whatever and
Dinosaurs eatin' like veggie burgers at the snack bar out front
in the lobby, you know
So anyways on the same stage is me, naked like an empty page
That's when I heard him
Like a director's voice with too much echo
I guess he was talkin' to yours truly, I mean me

Madam, that's Adam
Ain't no other woman, that's had 'im
He's stronger than a tree
That apple tree over there
Wealthy in his healthy way
Never works, he never plays
Sits around and cogitates
Right now, he's planting his garden

Like I had to hear that chorus twice, you know, before I finally
got the picture
I screamed,

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