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Horror Show Lyrics

Since I was a little kid
I tried to get out of my head
Trapped on the playground
I would stare at the sky
I didn't even know why

But daily life it took an evil shape
Some conformed and some tried to escape
And those are the misfits that I have known
Like a sock in the eye they feel it to the bone

It's a joke that we all know
We're the bait in a horror show
Yeah, we are all alone
In a horror show

Banish me and mine to outer space
I'd shoot there in a second
Just for the breathing space
I'd put the punks on the moon

For head-room and mods rule the galaxy
That's the way I think things should be
The creep in you is the creep in me
But gravity presses down like a lie
We want wild s*x but we don't want to die

Do you feel there's nowhere to go
We're the bait in this horror show
And we're all alone [Incomprehensible]
Yeah, we're all alone in a horror show

If I spoke in words of only hate
Tell me would you now
Could you relate?

And I, I wish I met Lou Reed
Out on his darkened sea
'Cause I felt it when his blood would flow
It doesn't take a thousand years to know

That ship burned a long time ago
We're all alone in a horror show

Alone, alone
In a horror show, yeah

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