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Three Days Grace

This is a rock band.After signing to Jive Records, Three Days Grace released two studio albums, Three Days Grace in 2003 and One-X in 2006, both of which have been certified platinum and double platinum in the United States and Canada. In 2007, the band was declared number one rock artist of the year by Billboard and was the number four artist in airplay in Canada that same year. The band's third album, Life Starts Now, was released on September 22, 2009.

Three Days Grace released the following albums including Three Days Grace (2003), Just Like You (2004), One X (2006) and Life Starts Now (2009).

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Life Starts Now
Sep 2009
  1. Bitter Taste
  2. Break
  3. World So Cold
  4. Lost In You
  5. The Good Life
  6. No More
  7. Last To Know
  8. Someone Who Cares
  9. Bully
  10. Without You
  11. Goin' Down
  12. Life Starts Now