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Ghost Lyrics

Are you breathin' when I'm in the air
Do you feel me when you comb your hair
Can you feel the rain hit the side as you walk around
Like an angel's heart, I'll fly high as a hidden cloud

And you know me, yes you know me
I said yes, yes you know me
Do you remember me, 'cause I know you

Do I scare you when I come too close
Does the room you're in come to sudden cold
I can hear you cry like a kid with an injured knee
I can see you pray for me before you lay to sleep

Do you know me, you should know me
I said yes, you should remember me

How can you feel alone at night even when I'm by your side
Can you hear me laugh in the wind, does it ease your mind
If you never see me again, I will always be your friend
Like an angel's heart, I'll blend within the wind

Do you see me, yeah, you should see me
I can fly, I can fly
How high? As high as the wind can fly
Yeah, you should know me

Oh! Yeah, I'm your ghost
I'm watching over you
Oh! I'm your ghost

If you never let me know, how will I know
How can I be your guide
Are you fearing death or life, can you make up your mind

Do you know me?

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