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Obsession Lyrics

Baby, baby, baby, baby
1, 2, 3
Oh never mind
Pr..pr..pr..pressing my heel of my shoes
Into your paintwork
Shattering determination
Brick thoughts crumble
We've stood under this sky
Far too long baby
Come on meet your soul
Wife now, I don't believe you
Don't want to see me, come on baby.
Flash bulbs squeeze light
>From metal veins
Across the blistering night
I arrest your image and
We're not waalking on safe land
We're sinking in quick sand
Good god, have you seen that weirdo in the car behind
No, no don't look
Don't make it obvious anyway,
As I was saying
Envy scratches all down the side of the car
Flirt you're in the car in front
I think with someone else
Her cigarette glows in the dark
I see my arm on the wheel
In the oncoming lights
Mascara black tears trickle down
It's not me, it's just meat that drives
Born by man captive and
Damned to shed this skin and
Enter you in the bliss of death
A soul bathed in fur
A heart robed in flesh
Whichever way you wear yourself
I'll get in
Every time I venture out
I leava a note in my pocket
Or on the table, or posted to a friend
To respect fate to let you know where I stand with you
If not in life, perhaps another time
England this burning land
Sensuality of tone
Twenty-two miles till the earth curves
Then you're out of sight
I'll be clothed in confusion,
When I woke in this body
By my mother's side
Born from all
Seeing to one sight
I am all
I am in a microcosm of time before
I become one and all again
I want to experience
I want to walk all over you

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