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Lucky Guy Lyrics

(D. Cooper)
My old car gave up at the red light, screamin' ball of hellacious fire,
<EM>C'est la vie, adios</EM>;
So I hopped a bus with a bag of groceries, damn thing busted,
Green beans, snow peas down the aisle, look at 'er roll.
I threw everything in my overcoat,
tied the sleeves together and I give 'er a tote,
Come hell or high water I'm gettin' these groceries home--
Chorus: 'Cause I'm a lucky guy;
I got a woman that loves me,
I know I'm a lucky guy;
I got a woman that tells me so,
I'm a lucky guy;
I'm a lucky guy, yeah.
My boss said, "I sure hate to lose you,
but don't you know it's the age of computers--
you ever thought much about maintenance work?"
The IRS sent me a love letter,
They're selling my home to the highest bidder,
I tell you what boys, you can keep my shirt.
'Cause I ain't smart and I ain't clever,
But I'm lucky in love, I hope I don't lose her,
Bad as things are, things could always get worse--
All my friends want to know,
What the hell am I so happy about?
Why do I glow?
They just can't figure me out.
I may get low,
But nothin's gonna keep me down--

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