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Spider's Fence Lyrics

Nothing lasts forever, forever don't last long,
It is over in a heartbeat--
Over with the singin' of a love song.
Angles in the canvas try to minimize the threat,
And time's a lovely filter,
And I can still recall the fears that I felt.
Chorus: Dance your way through the spider's fence,
And never look Medusa in the eye;
You might call it something else,
But no matter what you call it, it's goodbye, yeah--
I saw the image in the mirror, didn't recognize myself,
Severed from a childhood and it seemed like someone else,
Picked up all the pieces, put that box back on the shelf,
And just kept goin' on, I kept goin' on;
Just kept goin' on, yeah yeah yeah, I kept goin' on.
I opened up that closet, and here I stand again,
Doesn't look so bad now,
And all my years of exile seem so well spent;
I thumbed through yellowed pages, the books I used to read,
Tryin' on an old suit,
And all those broken promises that would never keep.

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