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Two Brains Lyrics

(K. Grimwood/E. Idlet)
Been up since six-thirty, two days crowded into one,
Put away the dinner dishes, but my work still isn't done.
If I three arms I could do what I need to do.
There's too much going on to just get by with two.
Chorus: And I'll need two brains, if I'm gonna solve my problems,
I'll need two brains, if I'm ever gonna make it through.
If I had two brains then I guess I'll need two heads,
And they'll go very nicely with my three arms and five legs.
Two legs running, two legs dancing, but one firm on the ground,
To pick me up in case the other four should let me down.
Greeting cards from creditors,
Tell me something I don't know.
Calculate 'til I lose interest,
Then I just let them go.
If I have two heads then I guess I'll need four eyes,
And maybe a fifth in the back of one head, so I never get surprised.
And on both sides of both my heads are open wide,
Listening to the harmonies, two voices intertwined.

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