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She Don't Even Know My Name Lyrics

She don't even know my name
She won't even look my way
In a word, I'm a dog
and it chills me to the bone
All I want is just to walk her home

She asked me if I heard her
say that she's just fine on her own
But I don't like I always do
As if it matters, 'cause we're only in a
school zone

When she looks at me her eyes are cold
She thinks I'm acting five years old
And I will prove her wrong
If it kills me, then so what
At my funeral just play "Home Sweet Home"


And there's one chance left to get it on
Just one chance left, 'cause soon she'll be gone
And there's on chance left to get it on
She called me a four-eyes and my gla*ses weren't on

She don't wanna stay here too long - I can fell it
And she don't wanna change to belong, and she
wants to know why the world's so serious, 'cause she
don't know what for?
Hope we fall in love before I wake up

If I don't go get that girl now I won't find one at
'cause nothin' ever lasts for long...

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