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Pluckin Cards Lyrics

It doesn't take long for the nightmarish news
To sweep the world like a shock wave
The mighty Man of Steel, once the super champion, admired by billions
Has proclaimed himself a wildman
Afraid of going on an uncontrollable rampage at any moment

Hey yo stupid, you thought I was over
Living like Oscar, Big Bird and Grover
I'm the X the man the first challenger
I keep rhymes in place like Bob Gallagher

Fittin', and in the chair I'm sittin'
Rappers know I'm Kool, rappers know I'm Keith
Like Charlie Brown, good grief
I see rappers I know they turned African

I just pedal my bike, then I laugh again
I pull the girls with thread and one string
They say I'm steppin' to them for one thing
But I don't think so, you think so, really?
Tapes is wack and new MC's sound silly

I hate to criticize, I have a problem
In this school wack rappers I'll solve them
They wanna be like Ultra on the jizock
Try to act like they not but on the kizock

s*ckin', takin', aw-ll be slurpin'
Comical bums your wack jams ain't workin'
You ain't got the style to rock no man
You get a pound from me, but with no hand

Diss 'em, I'm not the one Miss Ferguson
Cold stupid as hell like George Jefferson
Yeah, you dummies better be careful
I pick up rappers and throw away a handful
Yes I'm

Pluckin' everyone's card
(Steppin' to the man)
Pluckin' everyone's card
(Steppin' to the man)
Pluckin' everyone's card
(Steppin' to the man)

Twinkle twinkle twinkle little star
Behind those gla*ses I know who you are
You Racer X, here's brother speed
You dissin' James? He's chicken feed

He can't rap or clap or make a feet tap
How 'bout Monie and Nikki they both bullcrap
I see light in my lamp, but not on the mic
How could

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