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The Suicide Song Lyrics

Waiting-Waiting for my mind to cool down
Waiting-Waiting for my heart to beat now
I dont want to give you all my love
Just for you to share it around
I'd give you my body, Is that enough?
Probably not, so get your bags and leave

Scared, Suicide I aint the bravest man alive
Too scared to take my own life
Doens't everybody want to at some time?
Have I got no backbone? Got no heart?
Craving for you while were miles apart
Im growing up and im growing older
Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders tonight

Believe, in a god, I couldn't tell you if there is or not
Were coupled, Til death do us part
Is that what we agreed from the start?
There you are in your bridal wear
Me and my friends stood back and stared and now
You've curled your hair and stripped down naked and lying there
For me

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