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Farewell Song Lyrics

The song Farewell Song is performed by Vaya Con Dios in the album named Best of the Best (Gold) in the year 1996 .

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Darling now
I'm gonna leave you
One more time
I shall deceive you
The moon is round
And the wolves are howling
On hunting ground
My pack is waiting
We will never know why
We were chosen by fate
To perform all the rites
That turned love into hate
I'll see you grin when I pa*s you by
I'll hear you curse my name
I won't lower my eyes
I won't cover my face
You can call me a liar
Try to put me to shame
No, I have no desire
To live my life in the shade
You strut like a lion
But you're a bird in a cage
You set the rivers on fire
But you got burned by the flames
Forever now
I'm gonna lose you
These arms of mine
Could never soothe you

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