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  2. The Truly Great Hits

The Truly Great Hits (2002)

The album The Truly Great Hits is released by Vern Gosdin in the year 2002 .

  1. What Would Your Memories Do
  2. Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (And Loud, Loud Music)
  3. Turn, Turn, Turn
  4. Slow Burning Memory
  5. I Know The Way To You By Heart
  6. Singing In Church
  7. The Rock Farm
  8. Wvok, Birmingham
  9. Flying With The Byrds
  10. Emmylou Harris
  11. Hangin' On
  12. First Nashville Session
  13. Janie Fricke
  14. Elektra To Ovation
  15. Flying With Jones
  16. The Gospel Album
  17. Compleat To Columbia
  18. First Album With Producer Bob Montgomery
  19. Gosdin On Stage

The Truly Great Hits CD Cover Photo